Do Unto Others BEFORE They Do it to You


Most Americans do not even know what true socialism entails. The sad reality is that most Americans rather listen and believe what their friends, the media or what they feel instead of researching and forming an intelligent opinion based on fact. It is unfortunate that most Americans have not traveled enough to get a different perspective.
The fact of the matter is this system of capitalism is designed for those who have access to information to get ahead and maniuplate others. Take the welfare cases, for example. There are some individuals who spend their entire lives on welfare. Leeching and draining the hard working Americans to maintain their lifestyle. Now, if the public is in an outrage at the lazy welfare receipents, what is the difference when it comes to the top 1%? They have access to information, they manipulate the markets for their gain and to maintain their lifestyle. Yet, they are seen as ‘smart ‘,hard-working’ and educated.
 Most Americans are so caught up in race, politics, and other irrelevant topics that the true pimps (top 1%) are living off the hard work of other Americans. This system of capitalism is not about justice but rather who can manipulate it best!


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