If anyone has played a chess game or any game of strategy, one knows that in order to fulfill one’s objective, certain pieces must be sacrificed. Certain moves are made to set up other moves in order to achieve the player’s ultimate goal.
Likewise, since the turn of last century, political, economic, and social moves have been made in order to strip all Americans of their rights and freedoms. And like pawns in a chess game, Americans are the pawns of rich and powerful players that have only one interest: the destruction and control of America and the World. Also like pawns, the lives of Americans as well as their emotional lives are sacrificed without any concern in order to achieve take away American liberties.
Like sheep, Americans are lead to the slaughter, fatten with a culture of violence, perversion, greed and selfishness. Americans have seen and indulged violent, sexual and selfish behavior for so long that not doing so seems strange. And in the same manner, the immoral behavior of Americans have spilled over into every institution and is magnified with the help of media outlets. To have the ability to do anything, with anybody at anytime because Americans have the freedom to do so has come back and hit Americans between the eyes. As the bible says, you reap what you sow. Just as Americans have accepted and sowed a culture of violence, perversion and greed, they now are reaping the fruits of what was sown. Ironically, Americans are constantly looking for answers from the very people that are trying to destroy them.
Americans have bought into the various ‘freedoms’ that stimulate the senses, while tuning out critical thinking and logic. Americans now live on emotion, buying into media hype, which pits races against each other, political affiliations (as if there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans) against each other, the dirt-poor against the working-poor etc. And while this smoke screen is blown into the American public, the real-players are one step closer to achieving their objective. It is difficult to believe that the individuals in Boston acted alone, without help from a very high level. It is also ironic that most of the domestic terror attacks happen on the East Coast and it is hard to comprehend why lockdown an entire city for one individual. Soldiers going door-to-door searching from terrorists happened in Iraq about a decade ago, now soldiers going door-to-door will be the norm in America.


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