The Truth Will Get You SNOWD-EN


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To get this straight, there is an American that went public with the fact that the American government is spying on all Americans. Now this American is on the run outside America is facing at least 30 years amongst thousands of dollars in fines if he returns to America, in a nutshell.  According to the government, Edward Snowden violated the Espionage Act came about during the World War I era. Scott Bomboy of the Constitution Daily posed the question, how is a citizen charged as a spy, when he reveals information to the press? Apparently, it frowned upon to reveal any truth to the press about the deception of the American government. Moreover, it appears that the only thing the Obama Administration is hardline on is making sure those who reveal the truth about his government are made examples of i.e. Army Private Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. One of the most shocking things about this revelation is Americans not knowing that they are spied on. If American would take the time to actually think and notice what goes on around them, they will realize that they have been spied on for years. If you have a cell phone, especially a smart phone, you have been spied on and your most intimate conversations have been listened to. If you have an email account, you have spied on. If you are on social media, you have been spied on. If you have made a purchase using your ATM/debit card, you have been spied on. If you have a bank account, you have been spied on. If you have a job and have had to fill out human resource paperwork, you have been spied on. If you have been asked for you zip code while making a purchase at a sports store, you have been spied on. As was stated in a previous blog, Americans have been “punked” and inundated with fear to vote away their freedoms. The purpose of this current administration is to execute the policies that the previous administration set in place, and that is and always have been to turn America into a military state.

For further proof of the American government spying on its citizens simply Google this character named J. Edgar Hoover, also Google the Red Scare, the Sedition Act, and finally read the Patriot Act. The real threat to America and its way of life has nothing to do with party affiliation, party policy, race, culture, lifestyle, or status. The real threat is ignorance, laziness and a willingness to accept what is heard without verifying information or history.


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