About the Author

Desi Barbour, M.Ed. is a doctoral student, author, college administrator and college instructor. In addition to being an educator, Desi spent several years as a semi-professional and professional football player. The sport has taken him to different places around the world with the opportunity to live and meet a variety of interesting and facinating people. Living abroad has given Desi a different prospective on how to view the world as well as an appreciation for his own culture. The goal of this ongoing dialogue to stimulate wholesome, critical, and educated thinking through thought-provoking posts. Posts are based on current events, past experiences, and social issues at the local level. Although some posts may seem politically-themed, Desi is BY NO MEANS affiliated with ANY political organization or specific point of view. Rather, Desi’s approach is to expose the condition of the world in relation to politics, difference in culture, opinion, sport, and education.


2 responses to “About the Author”

  1. Paula says :

    Hi Desi,
    Good information. Please continue to share.

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